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In Postproduction

March 2024

Old habits sometimes need to die

because with their death comes a newness where true freedom awaits, and in this freedom we can find our true selves and authentic joy.  As we experience this journey, we ultimately discover that we are all interconnected like shining stars sprinkled throughout the galaxies.

"Joy & Death” is a gripping tale that explores the interconnected lives of an addicted Gambler, a Hit man, a Kleptomaniac, a religious Stock investor, terminally ill woman, CEO of  a Vaccine company, his wife, a Vocalist, a disgruntled Writer, a movie Director, a Scientist, a Grifter, a Gay professor, a Drug pusher, a Poker hustler, a bi-sexual ex airline Pilot, and a mysterious homeless man. Their fates become intertwined in unexpected ways, leading to love, death, redemption, transformation and hope.

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