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Watch on Amazon June 22, 2024

"Joy & Death" is a captivating tapestry of lives, woven together by fate in a world where old habits cling like shadows, a diverse cast of characters grapple with their demons.  From the high-stakes world of poker to the gritty underbelly of the city, their paths converge in a symphony of chaos and redemption.


We meet a kleptomaniac seeking solace in stolen trinkets, an addicted gambler, a manipulator who himself become manipulated, a god fearing stock trader and a terminally ill woman embracing the bittersweet beauty of her final days.  Their stories intertwine with the lives of a ruthless vaccine CEO, his tormented wife, a struggling filmmaker, and a scientist on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery.


As their destinies collide, they encounter a mysterious homeless man, a silent observer of their struggles, who becomes a catalyst for their transformation.


Through a series of unexpected encounters and life-altering events, these individuals discover the power of forgiveness, the beauty of unexpected connections, and the possibility of finding joy even in the face of death.


"Joy & Death" is a poignant exploration of human resilience, the enduring power of hope, and the interconnectedness of us all, like the glistening stars scattered throughout the vast array of galaxies in the universe.

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