Currently casting


REN GAYA - Kurt Ken Kaminaka

RAVEN SONG - 30's any ethnicity, complex, sassy and multi talented. Female lead

DRAZIW - 40's - 60's any ethnicity, myterious & wise. Owner of an obsure curiousity store.

DUKE DIQERSON -  30's - 50's any ethnicity, creator of Duke Diqerson Enterprise, ruthless, The villain everybody loves to hate

VIXY - 20's - 30's any ethnicity, Duke's sidekick. Loves her shots of tequila.

HUNTER - 20's - 30's  any ethnicity, ren's friend, body builder type, the taller the better.

DAX - 30's , any ethnicity, Co leader of the resistance movement. Tough & Intelligent.

DR WEXLEY - 30's - 40's any ethnicity Chemist of the future, Key player in the resistance movement against DDE

SATIN -  20's - 30's Any ethnicity, Strong, agile, Co leader of the Risistance movement

MIRIAM -  50's - 60's - Asian/mix Ren's mother

JUICE - 30's - 50's - Pacific islander/ mix Sage-like, Quirky, has magical powers

NINJA (4) - 20's - 30's - Martial arts knowledge not necessary but a plus

GUARDS (9) - 20's - 40's any ethnicity, 3 with speaking roles

YOUNG DRAZIW - 14 any ethnicity

YOUNG RAVEN - 10 any ethnicity

ONLOOKERS (2) - speaking roles

LOCAL DUDE - 20's - 40's Pacific Islander / mix, must speak pidgin english Likes to eat, eat & eat

BARTENDER - any age/ethnicity, speaking role

DR STEPHENSON - 40's - 50's Medial Doctor

DRIVER - any age, almost runs over Ren

SHOPPERS (3) - any age/ethnicity, will be purchasing cool futuristic stuff.

HOSTESS- Female, 20's - 30's any ethnicity, will be a hologram image for a futuristic restaurant

SALESPERSONS (2) - 20's - 30's any ethnicity, will be selling futuristic craziness

SURFER - 20's pacific islander/mix, must be comfortable with surfboard in ocean


STILT WALKER - walks round at a futuristic gala event

DANCERS - in various costumes  at a futuristic gala event

PARTY GUESTS (25+) - enjoying a futuristic gala event